Founder Membership

£7.50 / month for 6 months

StitchArt Founders Offer

Seller subscription at 50% off for the first 6 months, for our first 100 sellers.


Sold By: StitchArt


Why become a StitchArt seller?

  1. No limit on product listings
  2. Transparency on fees – You pay one monthly subscription, and a small transaction handling fee from our payment processing partners, PayPal and Stripe.
  3. No surprise charges (for example, from ad-generated sales. You can choose a higher subscription tier when available to boost your ad appearances or choose to market organically.)
  4. Recurring billing for your convenience
  5. One bundled payment, so you know exactly what your outgoings are. The only additional cost a seller needs to think about is the transaction handling fee. StitchArt will endeavour to update its’ sellers as soon as possible in the event that Stripe or PayPal make amendments to their transaction handling fees.


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